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Where My Love of Singing Began

For me, singing was, and still is like breathing. When I was a little girl I was given a music box shaped like a heart. The outside of the heart was lined with an intricate gold design and on the top center was a beautiful painting of a bouquet of flowers. As my little hands would open the music box and twist the crank, a sweet and sad melody would float through the air. I later recognized this alluring song as “Memory” from Cats. This was my first introduction to one of the loves of my life, musical theater. Everytime I opened the music box, something inside of me seemed to come alive.

I was drawn to music and singing not only because I loved it, but it was a form of communication in my family. It was a way to speak to one another. Singing, playing various instruments, and songwriting have been passed down for many generations in my family. At a young age, I was inspired by my dad’s skilled instrumental ability, and his desire to have me accompany him by singing anything from Sinatra to The Beatles. My love for my dad and his passion for music informed my love of music as well. It encouraged me to understand the beauty in combining voices and instruments, and to learn how it not only creates a more captivating sound, but also builds deeper relationships.

As a child, favorite memories included singing along to The Sound of Music, Dancing to Grease, or speaking in the same British accent as our beloved Mary Poppins. I found opportunities to sing in voice lessons, church, in a local choir, and perform in our local Distinguished Young Women program. Each new discovery about my singing voice has been a new level of experiencing freedom. Ultimately, thriving in the newfound freedom leads to discovering creativity that makes each person’s voice unique.

My degree in music required credits spent in the University of Kentucky’s Women's choir in addition to private lessons. I took away a deeper love for singing as I studied privately with some amazing vocal instructors. I also had the opportunity to travel internationally with this choir; an experience that encouraged me to share a new perspective of music. Learning the foundational techniques and tools to achieve success in singing only drew me deeper into a love of the arts. And I realized choosing to share your gift with others and to give this gift with vulnerability and honesty leads to an overwhelming joy that’s hard to find elsewhere.

After teaching for several years, I began exploring voice lessons again to help prepare me for auditions and to dive deeper into understanding different stylistic techniques and genres. This experience led to an understanding and an unlocking of my voice that above all else, I knew I wanted to pass on to my own students. I was thrilled to be a part of several lively performances including It’s a Grand Night for Singing, Be Our Guest, as well as a play called Next Stop. I’m continually seeking ways to focus on growing my voice by training, auditioning, and learning all that I can. This enables me to take these learned experiences and offer them freely and directly to my students.

What I continue to unwrap and discover about the gift of music is the power of the imagination, and the creative genius within all areas of the arts. I believe we’ve barely hit the surface in terms of this enormous treasure and I look forward to sharing this with all vocalists who come to learn and reach new heights at Soar Studios!

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